This project, is a set of postcards and a souvenir made for Coney Island. Coney Island is portrayed in the perspective of the Dada, art and culture movement (1920s-1930s). Coney Island was the most popular place of entertainment at the same time as the Dada movement flourished. Both have a lot in common - absurdity, industrialization, surrealism, and nonsense.

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The idea for the logo is derived from dadaist artist Marcel Duchamp's sculpture Bicycle Wheel and a hat that was fashionable at the time. Bicycle Wheel is a sculpture by Marcel Duchamp, consisting of a bicycle wheel mounted upside-down on a wooden stool, which allows one to spin the wheel. The spinning on the bicycle wheel serves the same entertainment function as the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island. The design for the back of the Coney Island postcards is inspired by old 1920 and 1930 postcard designs. The space on the back is divided into two columns, labeled" "This space is for Communication" and "The address is to be written here," respectively. For the front of the cards I used characters - from the past and from the present - that unite the chaos and absurdity of Coney Island and that of Dada. Violetta, the half woman, was a hero of the Coney Island freak shows back in 1930s. Insectivora, the metal punk goth - devours insects and walks on knives to this day. She represents anarchy and the essence of New York City. Anatolia - the bearded lesbian (currently a member of Circus Amok) resembles Jesus with a woman's body. The Mechanical Milk Machine existed in 1920s and gave real milk, while also resembling a real cow. Marcel Duchamp is a main figure in Dada art. On my card, he is the smiling spirit of Coney Island and a member of the flea circus. The Coney Island souvenir is a 1" x 1.5" paper box, inside of which is a small 0.5" cell phone made also made of paper - with instructions and all. It is a small laugh - something made out of nothing.