Guide to New York City Public Facilities is a colorful book that illustrates a ride into the bureacracy and the beauty of the public facilities of New York City - pools, beaches, parks and trains. From one side they provide very important services but at the same time the amount of people using the facilities and what facilities can offer is in a constant flux.

From one side New York's public facilities rules guide people on the proper usage of them but from another side there is a tiny amount of hatred and angst towards these rules. The first page of the book starts with the photograph of the fence on NYC Parks and Recreation. Then the book goes into comparing the maximum capacity of NYC Public Swimming Pools and how many people actually visit them. The book then trasports underground into the subway system and asks us to take a train to Coney Island and see how it was in 1940s. the rules were different back then and the # of people taking a train to Coney Island as well. The beaches were covered in people. Then, the book explores present public facilities rules - official and unofficial pool rules that are being enforced by NYC lifeguards, the maximum deepness public pools can have, a complete list of all NYC Public Facilities rules, posters with rules, signs, and penalties.