The goal of "Renewable Times Square" Sidewalk Proposal is to give a sense of tranquility and greenery to Times Square, one of the busiest urban centers in the world.

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This design consists of repeating abstract leaf and field patterns merge with street patterns.
City blocks and streets morph from a gigantic leaf to fields, forest and roads. The scale shifts from the bird’s eye view in the clouds, to peering through a microscope. The view from surrounding buildings is Broadway covered by a huge leaf that makes people look like aphids. The view from street level is like being a giant, playing hopscotch across city blocks and patchwork of fields in the countryside. The desired effect of this change in scale is to encourage people think of their relationship with nature.
While the overall design is made up of various stencils that flow from one scenery to another, the clouds are incorporated as stencils that are placed on top of the pattern to unite the design and add depth. The design invites people to stand on the clouds and take pictures. The forest roads, city streets and leaf veins are also interactive by becoming little paths and trails people can meander along if they choose.